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Common Valance

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Common Valance
70" to 108"
Type in the room or location where this window covering will be installed. This information will be included on the label of the box the window covering is shipped in for easy dispersal.

Measure the width

Measure the width side-to-side of the exact window frame opening in three places (top, middle, bottom). Please provide the smallest of these three measurements and round down to nearest 1/8 inch.

Please note that for an inside mount blind, Blind Ambitions recommends a standard deduction of 3/8” (0.375”) on the dimension of the window. This standard deduction permits the blind and the brackets to be installed in the window.

Obstructions may cause measurements to vary. Make sure to note them when measuring.

Important: Measure the depth of any protruding sill, ledge or molding that may interfere with the hanging of your blind. Protruding heaters, frames, locks, handles, sills etc. may interfere with your measurements. Please indicate them when measuring your window frame.

Remember: To ensure accurate measurements, use only a high quality, steel tape measure with a wide blade (minimum 1/2”). Tell your Sales Associate about any obstructions inside your window frame (locks, screens, doorknobs, handles, radiators, plants, etc.). Provide all measurements to the nearest 1/8”.

Required minimum depth: Min depth needed: 1 1/2", Full recess depth: 3 1/4”

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70" to 108"
Measure and Installation
Perfect Blind Package

The Perfect Blind™ package includes a professional measure guarantee of every window in your house and the installation of your first ten window coverings!

Each window covering we install after the first ten is only $15!

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Perfect Blind Package
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