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Graber Lake Forest Faux Wood Blinds

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Graber Lake Forest Faux Wood Blinds
Lake Forest® Faux Wood Blinds from Graber® are the ultimate solution for your window coverings. These luxurious custom faux blinds are less expensive than real wood blinds, and their style will enhance your indoor décor.

The Lake Forest® Faux Wood Blinds from Graber® are made from water-proof PVC foam materials to ensure that they won’t warp in high moisture locations.
This makes them perfect for your kitchens, washrooms, garages, and more. The slats are heat resistant and dust resistant to make your job easy while cleaning these blinds. Tilting the slats allows the natural outdoor light stream through into your indoor to maintain the proper light illumination level without hampering your privacy.

These budget-friendly blinds are nature friendly as they are not made from wood. They also come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Change the Size to Update the Price

Enter the dimensions of your blind or shade to the nearest 1/8" of an inch to calculate the price.

Type in the room or location where this window covering will be installed. This information will be included on the label of the box the window covering is shipped in for easy dispersal.
Two or more blinds can be installed on a single headrail to provide a practical treatment for larger windows or sliding patio doors.
Select the desired width of your slats.
Choose the color you'd like. Order a free sample for the finishes you're most interested in (up to three free).
Choose how you lift your blind. Standard is the traditional cord. Cordless blinds offer a safer alternative for homes with children and pets. Also elimination of lift cord presents clean and attractive appearance.
Choose how you want to tilt your blinds open and closed.
Choose which side you would like your tilt control located.
Eliminating rout holes reduces visual distraction for a cleaner look,providing maximum privacy and the best available light control. Cloth tapes are decorative and cover the route holes in the slats for additional privacy and light control.
Select the color of your cloth tape.
Choose your valance type. The 3" Classic will complement the appearance of your blinds best and is most typical. Only choose no valance if using a common valance to cover this blind's headrail and others next to it.
If valance returns are selected, the valance will be wider than the blind to accommodate the returns.
Enter the size of the common valance you need to the nearest 1/8" of an inch. If you don't need a common valance skip this option.

Maximum number of characters: 50

Enter the size of the cutout you need to the nearest 1/8" of an inch and the location. If you don't need a cutout skip this option.

Maximum number of characters: 100

Select yes if you are mounting this on a door or something else that is open and closed a lot and you want your blind to stay in one place.
Spacer blocks or shims are thin pieces of material used to increase the depth or clearance.
Select any decorative add ons you would like.
Select yes if you would like this blind installed. Minimum charge for install is $100.
Add any additional notes you think are important for this blind.

Maximum number of characters: 500

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  • SureClose™ Headrail is 1⅝" high x 2¼" wide x .022" thick U-shaped, extruded steel with ⅛" light-blocking lip on the bottom center line.
  • The steel finishing process includes phosphate treatment for corrosion resistance, a chrome-free sealer, a low hazardous air pollutants (HAP) urethane primer, and a topcoat of low HAP polyester-baked enamel.
  • Cordless lift option uses 2" x 21/4" steel headrail.
  • Headrail offers oversize blind capability.
  • Valance is grained, smooth-sanded 100% North American Basswood.


  • Bottomrail is 9/16" H x 2" W.
  • Bottomrail coordinates with slats.


  • Cord tilt and cord lift are standard.
  • Tilt rod is electro-zinc coated solid steel measuring ¼" square.
  • Cordlock is a snap-in design made of metal and incorporates a floating, shaft-type locking pin.
  • The cordlock design provides a crash-proof safety feature that locks the blind automatically upon release of the lift cord.
  • Cradles are made of low-friction polypropylene with metal lift cord rollers.
  • Drums are made of high-strength thermoplastic, which securely anchors braided ladder or fabric tapes.


  • Slats are made from North American hardwood harvested though sustainable-yield forest management techniques and are resistant to warping.
  • Standard size is 2". Optional sizes of 2 1/2" available for an extra charge
  • Braided ladder is made of 100% polyester yarn, incorporating two extra-strength rungs per ladder for slat support. Standard ladder spacing is 44mm.


  • NoHoles™ privacy slats
  • 1" and 1 1/2" cloth tapes
  • Valances: 2 1/2" Classic and 3" Majestic
  • Wand tilt (2" only)
  • Ring tilt (2" only)
  • Cordless lift
  • Cut-outs


Maximum panel width: 96"


Minimum width: 7"

Maximum width: 120" multiple blinds on one headrail, 96" single blind

Minimum height: 10"

Maximum height: 120"


Minimum width: 12"

Maximum width: 120" multiple blinds on one headrail, 84" single blind

Minimum height: 10"

Maximum height: 72"


  • Installation brackets are a universal style and allow for a top, back, or side mount.
  • Brackets are made from phosphate-treated steel with urethane primer and polyester-baked enamel finish to match headrail.
  • Bracket design incorporates a hinged front cover.
  • Extension brackets option
  • Hold down brackets option


Headrail: Limited Lifetime Warranty​


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