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Measuring for window treatments is much easier than most people think. Here are five important things to remember. Please be sure to read the specific measuring instructions linked below before ordering too. 


  1. Use a steel measuring tape 

  1. Measure to the nearest eighth of an inch – don’t round your measurements. 

  1. On your notes, clearly indicate which measurement is the width and which is the height. It is very common to transpose measures. Please note width first, then height. 



Before taking any measurements, step back from your window and decide if you want to mount the window treatment inside the window recess or outside on the wall or molding. For an inside mount, the window opening must have enough unobstructed depth to allow mounting. 






  • We usually recommend an inside mount when possible because it provides a cleaner look.  

  • When you specify inside mount, we will make a size deduction to allow for operating clearance. 

  • Provide the EXACT measurement of the window opening when you order your blinds.  

  • When we fabricate them, we will deduct up to 1/4″ from each side for horizontal blinds and on vertical blinds a height deduction of 1/4″. The deductions are made so that the blind will not rub or scratch your window frame.  


  • An outside mount can make a window appear larger or hide an unattractive window. 

  • If you specify an outside mount, we will NOT take any size deductions. Your blind will be made at the exact size you specify.  

  • You must ADD to the opening measurement to allow for overlap and mounting brackets. Be sure to read our product specific measuring instructions before ordering.  

  • When measuring, don’t be surprised if your windows aren’t square, it probably won’t be noticeable. 





The factory will make the blind to your measurements, there are no deductions for an outside mount. 


Wall Mount: Measure the width of the window opening. If there is room, add between 3″ to 6″ on each side of the window opening to ensure a minimum light gap. Round this number to the nearest 1/8th of an inch. 

Trim Mount: Measure the trim’s width from the outside edge on each side, left to right. Make sure the trim is flat and solid at the far edges because the blind mounts will be at each end of the headrail. Round this number to the nearest 1/8th of an inch. 


Wall Mount:Measure the height of the window opening from top to bottom and add 3″ to 6″ to this number. You must add a minimum of 2 1/2″ in height to allow for mounting brackets above the opening, the rest is added for desired overlap at the bottom. 

Trim Mount: Measure the trim’s outside edge from top to bottom. Make sure the trim provides a flat space so you can mount the blind to it. Note: If the window sill protrudes at the bottom of the window, measure to the top of the sill in three places and take the maximum value. 



Measuring for Inside Mount Horizontal Blinds and Shades 

General Measuring Notes: Always use a steel measuring tape. You need to measure every window, even if it is in the same room. Measure down to the nearest eighth of an inch.  

Valances are made slightly larger than the window for Inside Mounts. This is to cover any gaps that may be present between the blind and window due to the bracket. If you are ordering a flush Inside Mount, please specify in the notes section of the order form that you want the valance smaller to fit into the window opening. 




  1. Measure the Width First. Measure the opening width at the top (as shown), center and bottom recording the narrowest width. Do NOT take any deductions from that narrowest width. Our factory will take all the proper width deductions based on the window opening size you provide. Be sure to note the width first, then height. All measuring notes we use on this site are width first, then height. Be sure you don’t transpose those numbers. 

  1. Next, Measure the Height. Measure the height left, right and center, recording the longest height. Our factory will take width deductions to allow for operating clearance. All horizontal blinds and shades are made to the height you specify (no deductions taken) since they are made to rest on the window sill. Remember, all of our blinds are custom made and can NOT be returned. Please be sure to measure accurately and request some free sample swatches if an exact color match is required. Special Height Note: If you are measuring for our Horizontal Window Shadings product then you need to measure to the height in three places and take the shortest value.